Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MORNING CHORES 4 Live in Slave.

My eyes opened as the sun was coming up over the horizon. I arose with a yawn and a stretch. I quietly turned and gazed upon my beautiful sleeping Goddess, Her chest rose and fell slightly as She breathed, Her golden hair shimmered in the morning sun. She is so beautiful! How did I get here I wondered? I vowed to serve Her till my last days if She lets me.
Everyday starts with the same rituals. The core philosophy is to help Goddess prepare for Her day. It didnt take me long to learn what needs to be done. Maybe a lesson or two with my time management skills in the beginning but I did my best to focus on Her instructions.
First thing was to go into the kitchen, fill the tea-pot with water and set it to boil, set the table with Her cup and saucer,a napkin folded,spoon all set to Goddess's specifications. Detail is the key here,Goddess likes things a certain way and thats how it gets done.
After the tea is poured its time to wake up Goddess. A few gentle taps on Her door and Im instructed to enter. I grab Her robe and gently place it around Her shoulders. I mention Her tea is ready and we walk to the kitchen. I am to follow 3 paces behind Her to Her right.As She gets to the table, I hold Her chair and gently push it in behind Her as She sits.
I enjoy the mornings with Goddess so much! I ask Her what She wants for breakfast and go to prepare the meal. As I cook Goddess asks me about my life, I really enjoy this time with Her! She takes a real interest in me and makes sure I am happy. I bring Her meal to the table. After She finds it acceptable I go to the bedroom, I make the bed first,corners folded,equal lengths on both side of the bed hang over the side. I place all pillows back onto the bed. I then make sure there are fresh towels in the bathroom for Goddess to use. Last thing is to place Her yoga mat where She works out every morning. I then head back to the kitchen and usually Goddess is just finishing up Her breakfast at this time.
When Goddess is finished and She rises from the table, I clear the dishes to the sink and make sure the table is cleaned. As Goddess does Her yoga and then showers I wash the dishes and straighten up,dry up any water around the sink with paper towels and take the morning rubbish out to the trash can.
After Goddess dresses She goes over what Im to do today, sometimes its errands like going to the post office for Her, sometimes its projects around the house I work on but mostly its just the daily chores I do.
Im allowed 1 kiss good-bye as She leaves for the day
I am Hers! I find so much happiness in serving Goddess properly.
I could do this forever!

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